Bio and Vision for Lebanon

All my life, I have lived in a society that has lost all hope for our country. I've never been taught to "Love Lebanon" and "Do my best for my country". I've grown up in the almost-total ignorance of what's going on around me, and I'm here to change that. For myself, and for all the young men and women who grew up to be like me. Because, why would I want to flee the country as soon as I get a degree? Why would "Boukra bass teshteghle barra," sound like a random thing you hear every other day? If I'm not there for my own country, who will be... So in a few years, instead of telling the world what I've achieved in my life in Europe or Canada or any freaking other place, what's wrong with telling them: as tiny a piece as I am, I was there to make my country a better place...?

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