Bio and Vision for Lebanon

Historically, Lebanon has been portrayed as the center of human rights and freedom in the Arab World. Freedom of expression is enshrined in the Lebanese Constitution as well as in the international treaties signed by Lebanon. In practice, however, Lebanese citizens have been dealing with censorship of art for decades. Books, films, theater and music have been subject to restriction at the hands of the Lebanese authorities since the 1940s. Films were the most censored material with a total of 95 films reportedly censored. Music was the most censored form of art of the 90’s with a total of 88 reported music-related materials censored. As for press, it was the most censored material of the 70s. For a long time, Lebanon’s diverse media environment, and especially Lebanon’s internet, was still considered free and uncensored. The internet was a place where Lebanese citizens found a platform not controlled by the authorities, where they enjoyed access to a wide variety of views and perspectives and could freely express themselves. Lebanon must provide freedom of expression. I hope to be in charge of shaping our future and giving the right directions.

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