Bio and Vision for Lebanon

As teenagers, we often hear stories about Lebanon. Lebanon, the country of freedom, unity and acceptance, Lebanon the country of heritage and natural beauty, Labanon the country where peace and love reign, where strength is measured by the heart, where the peoples' priority is their country's safety. But sadly, this Lebanon, nowadays, is long gone. This Lebanon is nothing but a story we find in archeives, a dream we never got to experience because we were born into an era of corruption, with leaders who forgot what honesty means. And even though the damage is done, we are the future and we shall dictate our destiny, it is our job to bring back our country that is burried under piles and piles of corruption that have been accumulating for years, so that one day we may experience this Lebanon we read about, the Lebanon that truly represents our values, the Lebanon we can be proud to call our home. And the first step we can take is to educate ourselves about the many issues we are facing and how to best deal with them to that we can ensure the best outcome for the people, our people, and our country. We are the generation that's gonna lead this nation one day, so we hold the full responsibility to do our best and treat it as it shall be treated: with respect, truthfulness, honestly, selflessness, and as a priority, as our priority.

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