Bio and Vision for Lebanon

"This is our chance to make a real difference while surrounded by this shroud of corruption, inequality and injustice" I believe in a Lebanon where being Christian, Muslim, Jewish, atheist... won't matter. Where lovers can marry without the boundaries of religion and outdated beliefs. Where our lives and opportunities are not limited and killed following customs set by the usurpers. I believe that one day our generation will witness a revolutionary nation, where power isn’t hereditary. A state in which the corrupt will be put behind bars. The young generation is the key. One that is smart enough to break the men in power and not hail them. If we remain worshiping politicians, it will be the end of us the end of our dreams and hopes, if we stay applauding to them whenever they sneeze over a microphone liberty will die. This will seem like a fantasy as long as everyone will follow politicians like mad dogs sniffing for their “tidbits”. This fight cannot be postponed nor fought with arms, it’s a fight that will be fought by change, by changing ourselves and when we do we will change the others and let it be contagious. If not, if we stuck to our ancestors fears and beliefs we will remain in the same loop of failure and upcoming demise and rot in their service. If we won’t stand all means of freedom and hope for change will be lost like tears in the rain.

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