Bio and Vision for Lebanon

How many years have passed since we have taken our independence? 73 years of freedom yet 74 but we aren't getting better. Lebanon, the country many of you are rejecting, have faught since the first day so you can live in peace. Our ancestors suffered to release us from outside pressure, we must follow their example and be inspired by their love and belonging to their dear country so that we can be able to cross what we are living now. We are the ones in charge of our home, if we dont unify, how would we be able to face all the obstacles that might arise ? Nowadays, we can't deny that all the lebanese are suffering from numerous problems in their homeland. Corruption is one of the main issue we all are facing but we aren't all dealing with it in the same way. If today's deputies aren't willing to change nor ameliorate what's going on than we have to let them do so. We, the citizens, have to endure to live peacefully away from problems. Today, i have the chance to participate in the student's parliament to make a temporary change in our world by editing some laws, actually four of them hoping that in real life the ones in charge of this situation would be inspired by our will to change. The edit of these laws is a necessity but the one related to petroleum has got my attention seeing that these days Lebanon, who is always rushing to get the latest technology, isn't benefiting yet from his natural wealth. While waiting this change for real, let's appreciate the chance we have been given by USJ and practice our duty of ameliorating our country and remember "alone we can do so little; together we can do so much".

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