Bio and Vision for Lebanon

Despite everything we've gone through as Lebanese citizens, I still have this gigantic hope for us. We have the opportunity to be divergent and forge our own path where we demolish our forefather's omissions and together build up a better universe for the rising generations. I, Jimmy Nammour, can assure you to give out my best and work on: First and foremost, the law of the petroleum extraction. Secondly, the law of citizenship. Thirdly, the presidential election and the crucial position of the youth. Finally, the law of unjust enrichment for legal prosecution against all lawbreakers. So let's stand, hand by hand and light up the flames that will burn for eternity. Lets fulfill our desires, explore our endless potential and defeat all of the presumptions that have been made on the future of our smothering country. LETS MAKE LEBANON GREAT AGAIN.

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