Bio and Vision for Lebanon

We all dream of that independent democratic Lebanon, where equity prevails and every citizen is equally implicated in driving our great country to an even greater fate. Being the practical person that I am, I like to translate those dreams into a plan, and that plan into perceivable actions, with consequences that can be measured by each and every one of us. The steps I will follow to get there are clear for me, I would like to share their course with you: We all know about our natural resources, we know about their existence at least. What we don’t know and what I would like to accomplish is to optimize the use of those resources, to develop them in a way that serves the economical and so long needed growth, in an effort to slowly but steadily make Lebanon a financially independent nation. That way we will be seen by other nations as a solid economical player, a country that not only grows by their help, but rather one that helps itself, and its region grow.

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