Bio and Vision for Lebanon

Lebanon is an amazing country with so many benefits, but we, people, don't realize its value. We enjoy the sea, the mountains, the rivers and we enjoy every season in it. But still, we ignore pollution, corruption, gender inequalities and many other discriminations. And the worst part is that we're responsible for all of this. We are the ones who should take the blame.

When are we going to learn? That we walk, we run, we sleep, we do any sort of activity in this country, it's our home, it's where we live. So it's not acceptable to treat it like trash, to ignore the consequences of our own acts

When are we going to learn? That whenever we harm it, we're hurting ourselves, our society, our families, our kids! Lebanon took care of us. So why not do the exact same thing?

When are we going to learn? That even though the corruption still exists and is hurting our home, we have to react, to repel it, to kill it, to do whatever it takes to protect our land. Accepting it and considering "it's not our problem" isn't going to solve anything. As a Lebanese, I refuse to watch our society, our people, turning into people who "don't care", who are living in a denial. You have to react for the sake of YOUR country.

Lebanon is known worldwide to be a country who holds the terrorism, the war and the hate. So let's prove them wrong, let's show them what Lebanon really is. Keep saying to yourself that Lebanon is a small country, but it's worth fighting for!

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