Bio and Vision for Lebanon

The country is the product of three fundamental structures :territory ,people and government .When one of these three elements is absent ,we cannot talk about a country and this amalgam will turn into a chaos that can destruct and eliminate our civilisation. Lebanon , our intrinsic country , is one of the most inveterate countries since the appearance of humanity . What especially gave it this unique characteristic is the freedom that has been manifested continuously through different eras . But nowdays ,our countries is threatened by this enormous phantom of corruption whose parts have been thrown everywhere in the country . As a result , this harsh situation requires a set of policies to purify and cure it from this virulent diseases .Me ,as a deputy , I can offer you four laws that I have developed by myself whose contents can support our country and help it to retrieve its dignity and greatness , that’s why I hope that you will vote for me to help me achieve this crucial mission .

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